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Steering-Integrated driver controls for sunswift IV


Andrew Wrigley

NICTA, Sydney, Australia
UNSW, Australia


Sunswift IV is the UNSW Solar Racing Team's entrant in the 2009 World Solar Challenge, a 3000km solar car race that runs biennially from Darwin to Ade- laide. Recent changes to the international technical regulations for solar racing were required to slow the cars below the road speed limit and improve safety. One new regulation is a requirement for a steering wheel (as opposed to other methods such as push-pull steering previously employed several teams, includ- ing the UNSW team). This thesis integrates the driver controls and display into a steering wheel, consolidating all driver interfaces within the car in a similar way to Formula 1 racing cars. In addition, the greater visibility and area for controls allows for more functionality to be built into the steering wheel, including data logging, automated speed control, and a graphical display. This report details the research and development undertaken to build a system with such functionality. It also outlines the development of a first revision steering wheel that performs only essential driver controls and display functions.

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