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Trustworthy Systems @ Data61

Trustworthy Systems @ Data61: Formerly SSRG @ NICTA

  • Why? To address the need for developing and deploying trustworthy software quickly and effectively.
  • Where? From the embedded space to large cloud and enterprise systems.
  • How? By applying rigorous techniques to achieve solid and practically meaningful guarantees, ranging from provable security, safety, and reliability properties of critical systems, to integrated and adaptive architectures that predictably meet performance and business objectives in real-word enterprise environments.
  • Who? We are a group of experts spanning four major research disciplines, with a track record in formally verified microkernel-based systems (seL4 and L4.verified) and successful enterprise architecture services engagements.
  • Read more about our vision, our past achievements, and our publications.
  • Overview Document Get an Overview as a slide deck of our expertise and selected projects.

Seminar soon:  Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers University of Technology) on Tracking Information Flow in Web Applications   More...

Key Projects

Our main projects, research activities and results are:

See here for the full list of current and past projects.

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