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CAmkES provides an easier way to develop L4-based software and systems.

Get CAmkES for seL4

CAmkES for seL4 is available as open source (BSD license). Please see

The rest of this page describes older versions of CAmkES. We've kept it for archival purposes (and as such, links on here may be broken and will not be updated), if you are interested in using CAmkES, please use the newest seL4 version.


CAmkES (component architectures for microkernel-based embedded systems) is a software development and runtime framework for quickly and reliably building microkernel-based multiserver (operating) systems. It follows a component-based software engineering approach to software design, resulting in a system that is modelled as a set of interacting software components. These software components have explicit interaction interfaces and a system design that explicitly details the connections between the components.

The development framework provides:

  • a language to describe component interfaces, components, and whole component-based systems
  • a tool that processes these descriptions to combine programmer-provided component code with generated scaffolding and glue code to build a complete, bootable, system image
  • full integration in the OKL4 environment and build system

Quick Links


Contact the CAmkES team at


12/02/2009: CAmkES for OKL4 3.0 available

A basic port of CAmkES to OKL4 3.0 is available. Note that this port does not use the new OKL4 SDK and performs an 'in-tree' build. It also still depends on Iguana. It can be downloaded here

4/12/2008: CAmkES released

The first open source release of CAmkES has been made available. CAmkES is a component-based software engineering framework for developing OKL4 systems. It is released under a BSD license and can be downloaded here