The 2nd International Workshop on
Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

(SEES 2012)

June 9, 2012 Zurich, Switzerland (co-located with ICSE2012)
ICSE 2012


Proceedings available.


With the proliferation of embedded ubiquitous systems in all aspects of human life, the embedded systems world has become a fast growing industry. Embedded systems have to rely on high quality hardware as well as high quality software. Software development for embedded systems is often a complex undertaking and fundamentally different from that of non-embedded systems. Complexity arises from the need to co-design and create software at low-level of abstraction that also interacts closely with hardware, and with strong emphasis on dependability and mission-critical real-time constraints. Compared to traditional software development, the increasing complexity also exacerbates challenges in embedded software development processes, such as trouble in achieving sufficient product quality and timely delivery. In order to tackle these challenges in embedded software development, industry needs to apply software engineering technologies that are appropriate for specific situations.

The SEES 2012 workshop aims to provide researchers and practitioners an international forum to discuss the issues and challenges in adopting software engineering methods for embedded systems development.


The procedings are available from IEEE Xplore.


Each workshop session will consist of several talks, followed by a longer discussion slot, with the final session also including a longer panel discussion on the overall topic of software engineering for embedded systems.

NOTE: the keynote will start early (at 8:30!)

Keynote (8:30 - 9:15)

  • Managing Complexity and Predictability in Embedded Systems: Applying Component-Based Development
    Ivica Crnkovic
    (Malardalen University, Sweden)

Architecture 1 (9:15 - 10:30)

  • Interoperability of Non-functional Requirements in Complex Systems
    Norbert Siegmund, Maik Mory, Janet Feigenspan, Gunter Saake, Mykhaylo Nykolaychuk, and Marco Schumann
    (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany; Fraunhofer IFF, Germany)

  • Architectural Aspects of Software Sharing and Standardization: AUTOSAR for Automotive Domain
    Birgit Boss
    (Bosch, Germany)

  • Session Discussion

Architecture 2 (11:00 - 12:30)

  • A Comparison of Executable Model Based Approaches for Embedded Systems
    Julie Fant, Hassan Gomaa, and Robert Pettit
    (Aerospace Corporation, USA; George Mason University, USA)

  • Robust ArcheOpterix: Architecture Optimization of Embedded Systems under Uncertainty
    Indika Meedeniya, Aldeida Aleti, Iman Avazpour, and Ayman Amin
    (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)

  • Session Discussion

Development Methods (14:00 - 15:30)

  • Applying Agile Methods to Embedded Software Development: A Systematic Review
    Mengjiao Shen, Guoping Rong, Dong Shao, and Wenrong Yang
    (Nanjing University, China)

  • Semi-automatic Establishment and Maintenance of Valid Traceability in Automotive Development Processes
    Markus Fockel, Jorg Holtmann, and Jan Meyer
    (Fraunhofer IPT, Germany; University of Paderborn, Germany; Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., Germany)

  • Liability for Software in Safety-Critical Mechatronic Systems: An Industrial Questionnaire
    Holger M. Kienle, Daniel Sundmark, Kristina Lundqvist, and Andreas Johnsen
    (Malardalen University, Sweden)

  • Session Discussion

Wrap Up (16:00 - 17:30)

  • A Dynamic Detective Method against ROP Attack on ARM Platform
    Zhijun Huang, Tao Zheng, and Jia Liu
    (Nanjing University, China)

  • Maintenance of Embedded Systems: Supporting Program Comprehension Using Dynamic Analysis
    Jonas Trumper, Stefan Voigt, and Jurgen Dollner
    (HPI, Germany)

  • Final Discussion: Summary and Future Direction


Each presentation has a timeslot of 20 minutes, which includes the time for a brief Q&A. Please prepare your presenations accordingly.


The workshop seeks research and experience from both academia and industry that address the questions like

  • What is the state-of-the-practice of software engineering methods for embedded systems development?
  • What are the challenges of adopting software engineering technologies in embedded systems development?
  • What are the limitations and opportunities of the current software engineering research for embedded systems development?

To be specific, the workshop's topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Software engineering technologies in embedded systems research and development;
  • Real-time (embedded) systems development processes;
  • Verification and validation (V&V) in embedded software and systems;
  • Formal approaches (e.g., formal methods and static analysis) for embedded systems verification;
  • Software engineering for automotive development;
  • Product-dependent software engineering processes;
  • Simulation in software engineering;
  • Embedded software project management;
  • Standard architectures, infrastructures and platforms;
  • Requirements engineering for embedded systems;
  • Model-based and component-based development technologies, domain-specific languages;
  • Virtual integration for systems development;
  • Software-hardware architecture co-design;
  • Security, reliability and trustworthiness of embedded systems.


Prof. Ivica Crnkovic Mälardalen University, Sweden
Managing complexity & predictability in embedded systems: Applying component-based development


The workshop invites both research papers (maximum length 7 pages) and position papers (maximum length 3 pages). All submissions must conform at time of submission to the ICSE 2012 Format and Submission Guidelines in PDF format. The workshop proceedings will be included in the ICSE 2012 electronic proceedings collection.

Papers can be submitted electronically via the EasyChair paper submission system here.


  • He (Jason) Zhang
  • Liming Zhu
  • Ihor Kuz

National ICT Australia (NICTA)
University of New South Wales


  • Mikio Aoyama, Nanzan University, Japan
  • Jakob Axelsson, Malardalen University, Sweden
  • Len Bass, NICTA, Australia
  • Yuanfang Cai, Drexel University, USA
  • Ivica Crnkovic, Malardalen University, Sweden
  • Antonio Augusto Frohlich, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Jeff Gray, University of Alabama, USA
  • Lars Grunske, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  • Hoh Peter In, Korea University, Korea
  • Thomas Kunh, Fraunhofer, Germany
  • Yan (Jenny) Liu, PNNL, USA
  • Leon Osterweil, UMass, USA
  • Eila Ovaska, VTT, Finland
  • Ganesh Pai, SGT/NASA Ames Research Center, USA
  • Paul Pop, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Mark Staples, NICTA, Australia
  • Yongji Wang, ISCAS, China



  • Submission Deadline: February 17, 2012 Extended: February 24, 2012
  • Acceptance Notification: March 19, 2012
  • Camera-Ready Deadline: March 29, 2012
  • Workshop: June 9, 2012


The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.