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An overview of the Annex system


Duncan Grove, Toby Murray, Chris Owen, Chris North, Jeremy Jones, M.R. Beaumont and B.D. Hopkins

Defence Science and Technology Organisation


This paper describes the security and network architecture of the Annex system, a family of technologies for secure and pervasive communication and information processing that we have developed at the Australian Government's Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Our security architecture is built on top of a distributed object-capability system, which we believe provides an ideal platform for developing very high assurance devices. Our network architecture revolves around next generation networking technologies, including Mobile IPv6 and 802.11i wireless networking, but includes a small number of important extensions to improve security, robustness and mobility in the military context. A particular and unique contribution of our work is the tight integration of our very strong security architecture with next generation networking technologies. To complete the paper we describe our reference implementation of the Annex security and networking architecture, which consists of a number of devices known collectively as the Annex Ensemble.

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