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Detecting cloud provisioning errors using an annotated process model


Sherry Xu, Ingo Weber, Hiroshi Wada, Len Bass, Liming Zhu and Steve Teng




In this paper, we demonstrate the feasibility of annotating a process model with assertions to detect errors in cloud provisioning in near real time. Our envisioned workflow is: a) construct a process model of the desired provisioning activities using log data, b) use the process model to determine appropriate annotation triggers and annotate the process model with assertions, c) use the process model to monitor the deployment logs as they are generated, d) trigger the assertion checking based on process activities and log entries, and e) check the assertions to determine errors.

For a production deployment tool, Asgard, we have implemented the steps involving constructing a process model, using the model to determine appropriate annotation triggers, triggering the annotation checking based on Asgard log files, and detecting errors. Our prototype has detected errors that cross deployment tool boundaries and go undetected by Asgard and has detected some other errors substantially more quickly than Asgard would have

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