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Entity-centric search for enterprise services


Marcus Roy, Ingo Weber and Boualem Benatallah



SAP Research

Short paper.


Traditionally, the consumption of APIs, such as Enterprise Services (ESs) in an enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (eSOA), has largely been a task for experienced developers. With the rapidly growing number of such (Web)APIs, users with little or no experience in a given API face the problem of trying to find relevant API operations - e.g., casual developers creating Mashups. However, building an effective, easy-to-use search has been a challenge: Information Retrieval (IR) methods struggle with the brevity of available text in API descriptions, whereas semantic search technologies require available domain ontologies and queries formulated in formal languages. Motivated by the search behavior of users, we propose a keyword-based and iterative search based on entities. The entities are part of a structured knowledge base, whose content stems from model-driven engineering artifacts and service design methodologies. We implemented our approach, populated the knowledge base with 1500 ESs from SAP, and conducted a user study with 10 participants where we found significant improvements in search effectiveness.

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