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Role-based diagnosis for distributed vehicle functions


Jens Kohl and Andreas Bauer

BMW Group


Australian National University


With distributed functions taking over more and more safety-relevant functions in modern cars, their possible faulty behaviour has to be detected and dangerous effects to be prevented or mitigated. Additionally, information about the fault's root cause has to be provided to support repairs in the garage. These are the central tasks of automotive diagnosis, which is arguably a prime application for the methods and tools developed by the diagnosis community at large. However, our experiences have shown that the constraints imposed by this domain, which has a great need for efficient and accurate diagnoses, make it very difficult to use some of the existing methods out of the box. The main contribution of this paper is therefore to introduce a methodology centred around the different stakeholders of automotive diagnosis, in order to facilitate the employment of model-based diagnosis approaches for the diagnosis of vehicle functions as they are part of most modern cars. Besides, we provide an in-depth discussion of some of the challenges imposed by automotive diagnosis, and relate these to existing diagnosis methods where feasible, thereby also further motivating our methodology.

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