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Badiul Islam


Queensland University of Technology


The use of Social Networking has exploded, with millions of people using various web- and mobile-based services around the world. This increase in social networking use has led to user anxiety related to privacy and the exposure of personal information. Large-scale sharing in virtual spaces means that researchers, designers and developers now need to re-consider the issues and challenges of maintaining privacy when using social networking services. Some research has begun to focus on this area of privacy; however, it is limited in its application and scope. What is now required is a new design paradigm that provides all the expected functionality of social networking services, while at the same time preserving and maintaining all the elements of user privacy expectations. This current research has developed a Social Networking privacy framework and privacy model. It has also designed a three level architecture of Business, Data, and Technology, which is based on The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®). This framework and architecture provides a novel platform for investigating privacy in Social Networks (SNs) for both desktop and mobile devices. This approach mitigates many current SN privacy issues, and leads to a more controlled form of privacy assessment. Ultimately, more privacy will encourage more connections between people across SN services. In summary, this research has established a new privacy framework, privacy model, and privacy architecture to create more transparent and accountable privacy for social networking users.

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