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Dynamic observers for the synthesis of opaque systems


Franck Cassez, Jérémy Dubreil and Hervé Marchand




In this paper, we address the problem of synthesizing \emph{opaque} systems. A secret predicate $S$ over the runs of a system $G$ is \emph{opaque} to an external user having partial observability over $G$, if s/he can never infer from the observation of a run of $G$ that the run belongs to $S$. We first investigate the case of \emph{static} partial observability where the set of events the user can observe is fixed a priori. In this context, we show that checking whether a system is opaque is PSPACE-complete, which implies that computing an optimal static observer ensuring opacity is also a PSPACE-complete problem.

Next, we introduce \emph{dynamic} partial observability where the set of events the user can observe changes over time.

We show how to check that a system is opaque \wrt to a dynamic observer and also address the corresponding synthesis problem: given a system $G$ and secret states $S$, compute the set of dynamic observers under which $S$ is opaque. Our main result is that the set of such observers can be finitely represented and can be computed in EXPTIME.

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