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Licentia: A tool for supporting users in data licensing on the web of data


Cristian Cardellino, Serena Villata, Fabien Gandon, Guido Governatori, Brian Lam and Antonino Rotolo

INRIA Sophia Antipolis


University of Bologna


Associating a license to data is a fundamental task when publishing data on the Web. However, in many cases data producers and publishers are not legal experts, and they usually have only a basic knowledge about the possible constraints they want to ensure concerning the use and reuse of their data. In this paper, we propose a framework called Licentia that o?ers to the data producers and publishers a suite of services to deal with licensing information. In particular, Licentia supports, through a user-friendly interface, the users in selecting the license that better suits their needs, starting from the set of constraints proposed to regulate the terms of use and reuse of the data.

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