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Automating web service development using a unified model


Betty Bui, Liming Zhu, Yan Liu, Vladimir Tosic and Ross Jeffery



Web service standards are being developed in a loosely coordinated and constantly evolving manner and there is a lack of Web service modeling approaches that efficiently reflect the status of the standardization. Consequently the development and deployment of Web services tend to be ad-hoc and platform-oriented. This introduces potential interoperability issues and maintenance overhead. This paper proposes a model-driven framework that includes a service modeling language describing functionality and non-functional properties of service-oriented applications in unified models. This service modeling language is based on a Web service meta-model extracted directly from the WS-* standards. We developed a corresponding tool that generates code stubs, configurations and deployment heuristics, along with standard-based artifacts from models. We conducted a real-world case study to validate our approach.

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