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Business transformation to SOA: Aspects of the migration and performance and QoS issues


Paul Brebner, Liam O'Brien and Jon Gray



Organizations face challenges to be more adaptable and transform to meet new customer demands with fewer resources and streamlining of its business activities. There is a growing move to introduce SOAs with their promise of cost-efficiency, agility, adaptability and legacy leverage. However there are many aspects of transforming an organization to use SOA and many obstacles and issues that the organization has to address when introducing SOAs. In this paper we outline some of the major aspects of SOA introduction and focus on some of the open issues that still need to be tackled. In the discussion on the various aspects of SOA introduction we focus in on performance and QoS which are major pieces to get right if the SOA implementation is to be successful. We outline some of the work that we are doing in this area and some problem areas where further research is needed.

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