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Performance modeling for service oriented architectures


Paul Brebner, Liam O'Brien and Jon Gray



We present a tool for performance modeling of Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs). As mission-critical use of whole-of-government SOAs become pervasive, the capability to model and predict the run-time performance of interdependent composite applications is critical. The tool can be used by architects early in the software engineering lifecycle to predict performance and scalability, to evaluate architectural alternatives, to provide guidance for capacity planning and the negotiation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). It directly models and produces metrics for SOA applications in terms that are familiar to architects (services, workflows, and compositions of services). The tool enables the performance model to be generated from available architectural artifacts and performance data, making it easy to use. It is highly dynamic to facilitate interactive evaluation of alternative architectural choices. The tool can model complex deployment scenarios such as server virtualisation. Development and evaluation of the tool was carried out in the context of architectural modeling for large-scale SOA-based Australian e-Government systems. The tool radically simplified the construction and execution of SOA performance models, and contributed critical insights for the architecting of these systems.

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