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Service-oriented performance modeling the MULE enterprise service bus (ESB) loan broker application


Paul Brebner


Australian National University


Since 2006 NICTA has been developing and trialing Service- Oriented Performance Modeling (SOPM), a method and tool support for early life-cycle performance modeling of large-scale heterogeneous Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs). This technology enables software architects to rapidly build performance models of SOAs in terms of composite and simple services. The models are therefore easy to develop, understand and maintain. They are powerful to use, to address business, architectural, and risks associated with mission critical services. Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) are an increasingly common style of SOA infrastructure and implementation technology that we have encountered and modeled in e-Government SOA projects. In this paper we show the application of our SOPM approach to the MULE Enterprise Service Bus Loan Broker application in a laboratory context. We give a high-level outline of the SOPM method, and introduce the MULE ESB and Loan Broker application. We describe how a SOPM of the Loan Broker application is built in terms of application business-logic services and MULE infrastructure service components, and parameterized with measurements from an experimental testbed. We demonstrate the validity of the approach in an initial scenario, and then explore modeling alternative deployment and application scenarios. The utility of the models are illustrated with example predictions of metrics such as performance, scalability, and concurrency.

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