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On the justification of statements in argumentation-based reasoning


Pietro Baroni, Guido Governatori, Brian Lam and Regis Riveret



In the study of argumentation-based reasoning, argument justification has received far more attention than statement justification, often treated as a simple byproduct of the former. As a consequence, counter intuitive results and significant losses of sensitivity can be identified in the treatment of statement justification by otherwise appealing formalisms. To overcome this limitation, we propose to reappraise statement justification as a first class formalism-independent component in the context of argumentation-based reasoning. To this purpose, we introduce a novel general model of argumentation-based reasoning based on multiple levels of labellings, one of which is devoted to statement justification. This model encompasses several prominent literature proposals as special cases, thus enabling a systematic comparison of existing approaches to statement justification and of their merits and limits. We then develop some formalism independent labelling specifications of statement justification, featuring an increasing level of sensitivity, and show how these specifications can be alternatively and seamlessly integrated in different formalisms.

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