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Developing better theory about project organizations


Paul Bannerman, Blaize Horner Reich, Chris Sauer and Li Liu


Simon Fraser University

Green Templeton College

The University of Sydney


This is an editorial so there is no abstract; following is the Introduction section...

This article reports on a one-day theory symposium held in advance of the PMI Global Congress 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. Twelve researchers in the project management domain participated in an intensive discussion about developing better theory to describe, explain and predict aspects of projects and project management. Many of these researchers had experience earlier in their careers working in and managing projects. In advance of this meeting, the participants had agreed to limit the discussion to one specific strategy – to begin with organizational theory and adapt it, through research, to develop theory about projects.

This article reflects the structure of the symposium as follows: • Motivation for better theory in project management research and goals for achieving this • Reports from researchers about their experience constructing and using theory in project research • Discussion of the similarities and differences between organizations and project organizations and therefore the applicability of organizational theories to projects • Preliminary conclusions about what can be done to make project management research more robustly based in theory

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