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GoPoMoSA: A goal-oriented process modeling and simulation advisor


Xu Bai, Liguo Huang, Jason Zhang and Alexander Egyed

Southern Methodist University

Johannes Kepler University


This paper presents GoPoMoSA, a goal-oriented advisor that provides applicable process modeling and simulation technique candidates to help achieving process modeling stakeholder goals. GoPoMoSA integrated goal-oriented modeling concepts that capture the links among process modeling stakeholder goals and existing techniques using their concerned relevant process elements. We illustrated and evaluated GoPoMoSA using both data collected from 212 published literature and a process simulation application case study from Institute for Software Engineering and Automation at Johannes Kepler University, Austria, with their usage feedbacks. The results show that GoPoMoSA 1) can predict more than 85% of used techniques in cross-validation based on existing literature data; 2) successfully provides feasible process simulation technique candidates corresponding to user settings in a real application case.

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