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LegalRuleML: From metamodel to use cases


Tara Athan, Harold Boley, Guido Governatori, Monica Palmirani, Adrian Paschke and Adam Wyner

Athan Services

University of New Brunswick


University of Bologna

Free University Berlin

University of Aberdeen


Several XML-based standards have been proposed for describing rules (RuleML, RIF, SWRL, SBVR, etc.), or specific dialects (RuleML family). In 2009, the Legal Knowledge Interchange Format (LKIF) was proposed to extend rule languages to account for the specifics of the legal domain and to manage legal resources. To further develop the representation of the law in XML-based standards, the OASIS Legal- RuleML TC held its first technical meeting on 19 January 2012. The objective of the TC is to extend the RuleML family with features specific to the formalisation of norms, guidelines, policies, and legal reasoning.

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