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SplitBox: Toward efficient private network function virtualization


Hassan Asghar, Luca Melis, Cyril Soldani, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Dali Kaafar and Laurent Mathy


University College London

University of Liege

University College


This paper presents SplitBox, an efficient system for privacy-preserving processing of network functions that are outsourced as software processes to the cloud. Specifically, cloud providers processing the network functions do not learn the network policies instructing how the functions are to be processed. First, we propose an abstract model of a generic network function based on match-action pairs. We assume that this function is processed in a distributed manner by multiple honest-but-curious cloud service providers. Then, we introduce our SplitBox system for private network function virtualization and present a proof-of-concept implementation on FastClick, an extension of the Click modular router, using a firewall as a use case. Our experimental results achieve a throughput of over 2~Gbps with 1~kB-sized packets on average, traversing up to 60 firewall rules.

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