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Yanyan Shen
Research Engineer

Research Interests

Yanyan is currently researching how to improve the trustworthiness of commodity hardware through software to enable the verified microkernel to be used in situations previously needing an air gap. Multi-core processors are used to provide redundancy and cross-core checking is employed to detect divergence caused by hardware faults. The aim is to increase the trustworthiness of a virtual air gap created by the microkernel, and thus systems running on COTS hardware.

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 9490 5860

More contact information is available at the Contact page.

Photo of Yanyan Shen





NICTA Papers


Abstract PDF Yanyan Shen and Kevin Elphinstone
Microkernel mechanisms for improving the trustworthiness of commodity hardware
European Dependable Computing Conference, pp. 12, Paris, France, September, 2015


Abstract PDF Kevin Elphinstone and Yanyan Shen
Improving the trustworthiness of commodity hardware with software
Workshop on Dependability of Clouds, Data Centers and Virtual Machine Technology (DCDV), pp. 6, Budapest, Hungary , June, 2013

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