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Liang Zhao

Liang Zhao
Visiting Research Engineer

Research Interests

My research interest is on the general area of deploying data-intensive applications on cloud environments. In particular, trade-offs (e.g. performance, scalability, and data consistency) of the different approaches of hosting the database tier (e.g. DaaS, NoSQL systems, virtualized database servers) of software applications in public cloud platforms. aiming of bridging the gaps between the SLA requirements of consumer applications and the SLA guarantees of cloud providers.

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 9376 2139

More contact information is available at the Contact page.

Photo of Liang Zhao


NICTA Papers


Abstract PDF Quanqing Xu, Liang Zhao, Mingzhong Xiao and Yafei Dai
YuruBackup: A space-efficient and highly scalable incremental backup system in the cloud
International Journal of Parallel Programming, November, 2013
Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr and Anna Liu
Consumer-centric SLA manager for cloud-hosted databases
The 22nd ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, pp. 2453-2456, Burlingame, USA, October, 2013
Abstract to be published David Bermbach, Liang Zhao and Sherif Sakr
Towards comprehensive measurement of consistency guarantees for cloud-hosted data storage services
The 5th TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking, Trento, Italy, August, 2013
Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr and Anna Liu
A framework for consumer-centric SLA management of cloud-hosted databases
Transactions on Services Computing, Volume PP, Number PrePrint, pp. 1, February, 2013


Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr, Liming Zhu, Sherry Xu and Anna Liu
An architecture framework for application-managed scaling of cloud-hosted relational databases
IEEE/IFIP Working Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA), pp. 21-28, Helsinki, Finland, August, 2012
Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr and Anna Liu
Application-managed replication controller for cloud-hosted databases
IEEE 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE CLOUD '12), pp. 922-929, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, July, 2012
Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr, Alan Fekete, Hiroshi Wada and Anna Liu
Application-managed database replication on virtualized cloud environments
IEEE 28th International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW '12), pp. 127-134, Washington DC, USA, April, 2012


Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Sherif Sakr and Anna Liu
On the spectrum of web scale data management
Cloud Computing: Methodology, Systems, and Applications, pp. 487–509, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis group, 2011
Abstract PDF Sherif Sakr, Liang Zhao, Hiroshi Wada and Anna Liu
CloudDB AutoAdmin: Towards a truly elastic cloud-based data store
Proceedings of the IEEE 9th International Conference on Web Services (ICWS '11), pp. 732-733, Washington DC, USA, July, 2011
Abstract PDF Hiroshi Wada, Alan Fekete, Liang Zhao, Kevin Lee and Anna Liu
Data consistency properties and the trade-offs in commercial cloud storages: The consumers' perspective
Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR '11), pp. 134-143, Asilomar, California USA, January, 2011


Abstract PDF Liang Zhao, Anna Liu and Jacky Keung
Evaluating cloud platform architecture with the CARE framework
Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, pp. 60-69, Sydney, Australia, December, 2010