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XPort Devkit

XPort Devkit

xport devkit hardware
The XPort Devkit plugged into a student's laptop

The XPort Devkit is a small embedded development kit designed for teaching. It uses the Lantronix XPort Pro and a custom USB dongle to provide a power supply, debug console and interface. The XPort Pro is the perfect teaching platform, as it is easy to use, runs a simple MMU-less Linux (uCLinux) and is easy to program.

The dongle incorporates a 500mA switch-mode power supply and breaks out the XPort Pro's 3 spare GPIO pins using an MCP23017 I/O expander chip, giving 8 LEDs, a switch and 7 I/O lines that can be used to connect peripherals.

Other Images

Devkit alongside a standard SD card for size comparisons

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