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Photon motherboard

Photon is the first general purpose PLEB motherboard. Tts original goal was to be a building block for portable/embedded platforms. The schematics for various components of the PLEB system are available on request. Please contact us:
  • Photon CPU board rev1.0
  • Photon CPU board rev1.1
  • Photon Memory board
  • Photon Ethernet board

Memory Daughter Card

The Memory Daughter Card is the default memory card for PLEB. It supplies 2 banks of DRAM's supplying up to 32MB's of RAM as well as a single bank of FLASH supplying up to 8MB's of FLASH (using 32Mbit parts). The Memory Daughter Card also has a RTC (with Battery backup) which supplies calander time as well as 96 Bytes of non-volatile RAM. The DRAM and FLASH banks can be populated from a wide selection of avaliable parts.
Note: The memory daughter card was simplified from the original design to speed up development.

A summary of what the Memory Daughter Card supplies is as follows:

2 x 16MB Banks of DRAM (Self-Refreshable EDO parts)
1 x 8MB Bank of FLASH
Serial Real Time Clock with 96 Bytes of Non-Volatile RAM
3V lithium battery to backup the RTC
Both a PLEB-Slot header (to mate with PLEB) and connector (to mate with other Daughter Cards).

Schematics & PCB:

  • The Memory Daughter Card Schematics are avaliable on request. Note: These schematics are the property of UNSW.

The PCB measures 70mm x 60mm. Schematics and PCB are avaliable in OrCAD format on request.

Part Information:

Here is a list of links to the parts used in the Memory Daughter Card:

  • Advanced+ Boot Block FLASH memory
  • Micron's 64Mbit, 4MB x 16bit wide DRAM's (EDO self-refreshable parts)
  • Dallas's Serial Real Time Clock DS1306

General Information:

The Memory Daughter Card was designed by Adam Wiggins under the supervision of Dave Johnson who also did the PCB routing.

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