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Second NICTA Software Systems Summer School

Sydney, 3–4 February, 2014

Supported by UNSW, Oracle and ANU

Software Systems Research Group Group

Over two days, this summer school will feature lectures by international leaders in computer systems from industry and academia, interspersed with short student talks and poster sessions. We will emphasise a friendly and informal setting where students can learn and obtain feedback from experts. Topics include operating systems, distributed systems, hypervisors, virtual machines, databases, compilers, language implementation, memory management and security.


Day 1: Monday, 3 February
TimeNameAffiliation Talk Type  Title
8:45–9:00 Registration
9:00–9:05 Organisers' Welcome
9:05–10:55 Session 1: Security
   9:05Prof Peter Druschel   MPI/SWS, DEinvited slides Enforcing declarative data confidentiality and integrity policies in large-scale distributed data processing systems
   9:55Yuval YaromU Adelaide, AUECR FLUSH+RELOAD and the Relaxed Security of Read Operations on the x86 Architecture
  10:15David CockNICTA/UNSW, AU   student Rigorous Approaches to Side Channels in Verified Systems
  10:35A.S.M KayesSwinburne U, AUstudent A Context-Aware Access Control Framework for Software Systems
11:10–12:40 Session 2: Verification
  11:10Prof Gabriele KellerNICTA/UNSW, AUinvited slides Generating verified file systems – a modular approach
  12:00Matthew FernandezNICTA/UNSW, AUstudent Verification of a Component Platform
  12:20Thomas SewellNICTA/UNSW, AUstudent Compilation, SMT and Verification
13:45–15:15 Session 3: Trustworthiness and Cost
  13:45Prof Gernot HeiserNICTA/UNSW, AUinvited slides Can truly dependable systems be affordable?
  14:35Anna LyonsNICTA/UNSW, AUstudentScheduling of mixed-criticality, real-time applications for embedded operating systems
  14:55Scott BarnettSwinburne U, AUstudentRapid Prototyping of Mobile Applications
15:30–17:00 Session 4: Memory Management
  15:30Prof Tony HoskingPurdue U, USinvitedslidesTowards verified run-time systems: lessons learned in verification of a realistic concurrent garbage collector
  16:20Rifat ShahriyarANU, AUstudentTaking Off the Gloves with Reference Counting Immix
  16:40Xi YangANU, AUstudentGaaS: Garbage Collection As A Service
17:00–18:00 Poster Session
18:30–20:00 BBQ dinner on Physics Lawn (UNSW campus)
Day 2: Tuesday, 4 February
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TypeTitle
9:00–11:00 Session 5: Synchronisation
   9:00Dr Konrad Laiex Intel, USinvitedslidesPerformance Evaluation of Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions for High Performance Computing
   9:50Dr Mark MoirOracle, NZinvitedslidesAdaptive Integration of Hardware and Software Lock Elision Techniques
  10:40Ian DickSydney U, AUstudentThe Rotating Skip List: A New Non-Blocking Skip List
11:15–12:55 Session 6: Languages
  11:15Prof Steve Blackburn   ANU, AUinvitedslidesWhy languages suck (and what we might do about it)
  12:05Dr Gilles MullerINRIA/LIP6, FRinvitedslidesAn overview of the Coccinelle tool for C programs matching and transformation
14:00–15:30 Session 7: Dependability
  14:00Prof Hermann HärtigTU Dresden, DEinvitedslidesTowards small trusted computing bases
  14:50Kunshan WangANU, AUstudentSharpen Your Axe – A Micro Virtual Machine Which You Can Depend On
  15:10Yi LinANU, AUstudentRJava: Lowering High-level Languages for System Programming
15:45–16:35 Session 8: Distributed Systems
  15:45Dr Rebecca IsaacsMSR-SV, USinvited slides Performance challenges in distributed and concurrent systems
  16:35Prof Alan FeketeNICTA/Sydney U, AUinvited slides Consistency properties of cloud data stores
17:25–17:30 Closing Remarks
17:30–18:30 Farewell Drinks

We will make presentation slides available at the end of the school.



Call for Participation


The workshop and associated activities will be held in the Level 1 Seminar Room at the NICTA Neville Roach Laboratory (NRL) at 223 Anzac Parade, Kensington, Sydney, NSW, opposite New College at the University of NSW.

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