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First NICTA Software Systems Summer School

Sydney, 5–6 February, 2013

Supported by UNSW, Oracle and ANU

Software Systems Research Group Group

Over two days, this summer school will feature lectures by international leaders in computer systems from industry and academia, interspersed with short student talks and poster sessions. We will emphasise a friendly and informal setting where students can learn and obtain feedback from experts. Topics include virtual machines, hypervisors, compilers, operating systems, language implementation, memory management and security.


Day 1: Tuesday, 5 February
TimeNameAffiliationTalk Type Title
8:45–9:15 Registration
9:15–9:20 Organisers' Welcome
9:20–12:00 Session 1: Crazy Hardware
Matthias MeyerStuttgartinvited Cues from the past: The potential of object-based computer architectures
Aleksander Budzynowski  UNSW/NICTAstudent Self-modifying asynchronous dataflow graph
Jonathan AppavooBostoninvited In pursuit of a new kind of computer
Aaron CarrollUNSW/NICTAstudent Energy management on embedded multicores
13:00–14:55 Session 2: Programming Language Implementation 1
David GroveIBM Watsoninvited Implementing X10: Towards Performance and Productivity at Scale
Kiyokuni KawachiyaIBM TokyoinvitedX10 on Java: Code Generation and Distributed GC
Xi YangANUstudentExtremely low-overhead thread-local buffer
15:15–17:25 Session 3: Concurrency and distribution
Erez PetrankTechnioninvitedWait-freedom made practical
Sidney AmaniUNSW/NICTAstudentFile system synthesis and verification
Antony HoskingPurdueinvitedOpen and shut: The case for nested transactions
Harvey TuchVMwareinvitedSmartphone storage virtualization: fast, reliable and secure
Mark WallisNewcastlestudentComponent-based Runtime Environment for Cloud Applications
18:00–20:00 BBQ in John Lions Garden
Day 2: Wednesday, 6 February
TimeNameAffiliationTalk TypeTitle
9:00–10:55 Session 4: Programming Language Implementation
Keith AdamsFacebookinvitedA high-performance VM for PHP
Filip PizloAppleinvitedOptimizing just-in-time compilation of JavaScript in the WebKit browser engine
Rifat ShahriyarANUstudentTo Infinity and Beyond: High Performance Garbage Collection Combining Reference Counting and Immix
11:15–12:55 Session 5: Compilers
Cristina CifuentesOracle LabsinvitedParfait: A Precise and Scalable Static Code Analysis Tool
Doug SimonOracle LabsinvitedGraal API: Java Reflection on Steroids
14:00–16:40   Session 6: Security and Privacy
Haibo ChenShanghai Jiaotong  invitedPrivacy Protection in Virtualized Multi-tenant Cloud: Hardware and Software Approaches
Kostyantyn VorobyovBondstudentA Low-Overhead Approach to Detecting and Locating Memory Leaks
Harvey TuchVMwareinvitedSmartphone storage virtualization: fast, reliable and secure
Antony HoskingPurdueinvitedOpen and shut: The case for nested transactions
Yuval YaromAdelaidestudentS-RVM: a Secure Design for a High-Performance Java Virtual Machine
16:40–17:30 Farewell Drinks


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The workshop and associated activities will be held in the Level 1 Seminar Room at the NICTA Neville Roach Laboratory (NRL) at 223 Anzac Parade, Kensington, Sydney, NSW, opposite New College at the University of NSW.