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Trustworthy Systems @ Data61: Formerly SSRG @ NICTA

  • Why? To address the need for developing and deploying trustworthy software quickly and effectively.
  • Where? From the embedded space to desktop and cloud systems.
  • How? By applying rigorous techniques to achieve solid and practically meaningful guarantees, with from provable security, safety, and reliability properties of critical systems.
  • Who? We are a group of experts spanning three major research disciplines, with a track record in formally verified microkernel-based systems (seL4 and L4.verified).
  • Read more about our vision, our past achievements, and our publications.
  • Overview Document Get an Overview as a slide deck of our expertise and selected projects.

Seminar soon:  Andrei Sabelfeld (Chalmers University of Technology) on Tracking Information Flow in Web Applications   More...

Key Projects

Our main projects, research activities and results are:

See here for the full list of current and past projects.

Latest news

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